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The Strong DNA is a professional, non-judgemental space that uses the latest research and most beneficial equipment to help you improve your fitness so you can be strong, lose weight, and build longevity.

Home workouts have surged in recent months but carry a risk of being ineffective or, worse, injury. At The Strong DNA, you’ll have an experienced and supportive coach with over 16 years of education and certifications demonstrating safe techniques and helping you reach your personal goals.

Using a cutting edge PNOE cardio-metabolic analyzer, we measure your metabolic efficiency to develop a hyper-personalized nutrition plan based on your specific goals. This method has proven to yield dramatic results  — yet we are the ONLY gym in the area that’s using it.

With scientifically designed workout classes and a supportive community of members, you’ll have all the accountability and motivation you need to get on track to feel your best physically and mentally.

Contact us to start developing your blueprint for a happier, healthier life.

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