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First & Only Gym In Central LA Specialized In Fitness Over 40.

Our facility and programs were created for over 40 clients in mind; unlike many gyms, we don’t focus on aesthetics only. We promise sustainable results.

Because of this, we develop a personalized fitness program for you that considers your objectives, skills, and degree of fitness. And assign you a coach who will lead you along the way to help you get stronger and fit.

Just how your fitness should be: elite and individualized, our attention is on YOU.

Class Schedule

Group Classes AM Class

Monday to Friday: 5,6,7,8:15 & 9:30 AM
Saturday: 7 AM

Group Classes PM Class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:30 PM
Tuesday and Thursday: 6 PM

Semi-private AM Classes

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 6:00 AM

Semi-Private PM Classes

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 6:30 PM

Elite and personalized just how your fitness should be. Our focus is on You.


Enjoy dedicated focus and coworking spaces.

Nutrition Program

Take into consideration all the things that make you unique, such as your thoughts, habits, likes and lifestyle, and developed a plan based on those things.

Success Stories

List of life changing testimonials. Our happy clients.

Semi private group classes included with your membership

You need 70% strength training and 30% cardio and endurance combined to keep your performance at maximum. Unlike other gyms, our strength program specializes in increasing your strength to help you build muscle, increase your bone density, and burn fat. You will get a healthy heart and lunges by doing a unique cardio and endurance program.

Join Us

Monday Strength Day

Using industry-leading strength training protocols, we use Kettlebells, Barbells, and sandbags to build longevity and make you stronger and fit.

Tuesday Endurance Cardio

This class is a HIGH Metabolic, FAT Blasting, Muscle building workout guaranteed to make you sweat! It is built on Foundational Movements using TRX, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, and body weight!

Wednesday Strength – Aerobics

A series of exercises were performed sequentially with a kettlebell to build muscle, burn calories, learn skills, and feel good.

Thursday Advance Absology

When the science and core training meet, they create the Absology. This is the best core training class that you can find and experience.

Friday Hypertrophy Day

Using the industry-leading hypertrophy training protocols, we use Kettlebells and Barbells to build muscle and “tone” your body.

Saturday Complex Day

Endurance training, sometimes called aerobic training, enhances your body’s ability to transport oxygen. Because the only powerful muscle is supplied with oxygen, this results in a more excellent supply to your muscles and, thus, increased performance.


Google Overall Rating
The Strong DNA

5.0 Based on 29 Reviews
Robert Khachatryan
Robert Khachatryan
My teenage son and I work out with Ara at the Strong DNA and are both loving it. I was looking for a trainer and a gym to help me get back in shape after a particularly bad bout of sciatica. I can gladly report that 5 months in, I am in the best shape I have been in many years. Ara is extremely knowledgable and motivating. The crowd at the gym is also great. If you are looking for a personolized program look no further.
Sherianne McClenahan
Sherianne McClenahan
I was looking for a gym that incorporated TRX in its structure, and The Strong DNA came up in my search. I walked into my first class and was immediately greeted by Ara and his assistant who took their time getting to know me and made sure to understand my health needs and any injuries I might have. I quickly realized that everyone in my 6am class knew each other and had built a little community together. With each new strength training exercise, whether kettlebells, sandbags, sit-thrus, TRX, or medicine balls, Ara made sure I understood how to properly use the equipment and perform each exercise. I loved that first class and have been trying to go every day of the week!
Jeannine Sullivan
Jeannine Sullivan
At first, I was very apprehensive about joining The Strong DNA but when I received a prompt and positive response from Ara to an email I sent telling him how out-of-shape I was and how long it's been since I’ve had a routine fitness program, I decided to give it a try     Ara is very welcoming and encouraging, I've never felt uncomfortable considering the majority of people training at the gym are far fitter and stronger than I am.   He tailors his training to your ability level and helps you strive to improve.    Everyone gets his individual attention.  Now after a little more than 2 months, I'm starting to see improvement in my fitness and even enjoying my daily sessions very much.
Leo Jordan
Leo Jordan
The Strong DNA led by coach Ara is one of the most effective gyms you can join to improve your body and health all together. Led by a coach with more education than most other gyms/coaches (perhaps even combined) will provide you with results that are not just a temporary reduction in weight which will be regained shortly after. This gym will work on slowly adding sustainable muscle mass which will results in a stronger and healthier individual, and yes during which you will also notice fat loss. If you are considering private or small group class setting gym, be sure to check out The Strong DNA.
Alex Piankov
Alex Piankov
The Strong DNA is the perfect place to go to for athletic training, strength training, and even general fitness. Fitness Coach Ara is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. My favorite thing about this gym is that you can receive one on one training, small group training, and even online virtual training if you cannot make it in person. I've never met a fitness coach who cares so much about his clients and is so good at helping you determine your fitness goals and actually achieving them. 10/10 highly recommend this gym!
Emineh Gregorian
Emineh Gregorian
I started training with Ara from spring of 2021. Being an endurance athlete (recreational), I have always done cardio but until a year ago, I had barely focused on strength training. I have had many back injuries throughout the years. Last time when I hurt my back, the orthopedic surgeon recommended strengthening my core to avoid future injuries. I started with light weights with the fear of injuring my back again, however, as weeks passed by, I gained strength and was able to lift heavier, and surprisingly, I excelled in my cardio as well. I would strongly recommend Ara to anyone who is thinking about his/her health. I have learned that strength training is a must for a healthy life and Ara, being so knowledgeable in this field, is the coach that I trust.
Tagoui Khatchatrian
Tagoui Khatchatrian
I really recommend THESTRONGDNA because it’s really effective and Ara is the best and knowledgeable coach for your exercise needs.
Natalie So Cole
Natalie So Cole
I love working out at The Strong DNA. The program is challenging and fun, has variety to keep you on your toes, and you WILL get stronger and feel better. Coach Ara is fantastic, and has created a community of people who are supportive of each other too. I look forward to spending time here because it's fun. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there is something here for everyone.
J Person
J Person
I've been working out with Ara from The Strong DNA for 4 years now. I have a few physical limitations and Ara works with me to provide modifications. These modifications are no less than what the rest of the class is doing, it's just giving me the ability to perform the exercise without further injuring myself. One of my physical limitations is my back. I have very little "cushion" so to speak, between my L4 and L5. During my time with Ara, I have strengthened my core which has had a direct impact on strengthening my back resulting in less back pain. I have had numerous feet surgeries which prevent me from doing certain exercises, but again, I never feel like I am missing out or doing less of a workout. And lastly, I have a torn rotator cuff. And yes, I still can rock the weights, just in a different manner than the rest of the class. I am much stronger today, as a woman in my mid-50s, than I ever have been and I have learned that strength is important as we age. If you come to The Strong DNA, you will find a community of all age ranges and a group of strong, supportive and funny individuals. It's a feel-good kind of place. Hope to see you soon!
Ally Cazian
Ally Cazian
I absolutely love this gym! Coach Ara is extremely Knowledgeable about the human body- he is constantly upping the game and pushing for everyone to do their best- motivating, consistent highly recommend Strong DNA!